Better-paying translation work. Your quotes, calculations, and reports are now solved.

One Tiny Tool
For More Profitable Translation Work

We couldn’t find it. So, we built it.

  • The most convincing client quotes, at the best rates.
  • Drag-and-drop calculator for fuzzy matching discounts.
  • Elegant client reporting and billing.
  • Seamless CAT tools interactions
  • Built by translators, for translators.

CAT tools like SDL Trados Studio and memoQ provide fuzzy matching statistics. However, there has never been native support for calculating translators’ earnings, managing projects with custom quotes, and maintaining consistency across agencies.

Until now,

  • Stop using primitive online calculators.
  • Enough messy spreadsheets and formulas.
  • No more wasting time calculating your earnings.

We’ve Done the Work
So You Don’t Have To

Our app allows translators to drag-and-drop for instant project stats.

  • Custom coded to save you hours of work.
  • Adjust base rates and discounts on the fly.
  • Visualize total earnings over time and by client.
  • Detailed reporting suite.
  • Securely organized within one dashboard.

It Saves You Dozens of Wasted Hours

  • Generate quotes that win contracts.
  • Verify translation earnings.
  • Adjust fuzzy discounts with unlimited granularity.
  • Interact across agencies with ease.

Better Quotes

Change rates and quotes on a project-by-project basis, with precise fuzzy matching granularity. Generate convincing quotes, faster than your competitors. Instant reporting for billable hours. Total discretion and privacy across clients and agencies.


Elegant Reports

Wow your next client. Impress your existing agency. Stunning graphs, charts, quotes and more. All at the best rates that land you better-paying contracts. Plus, accurately forecast your labor so that you can select the best-paying assignments.


Crunches the Numbers

Purpose-built to save you hours of work. Graph total earnings over time and by client. Adjust base rates and discounting by fuzzy matches. Detailed reporting suite. Securely organized in one beautiful dashboard.


Built By Translators

Custom built from the ground up, by translators, for translators. We understand memoQ, SDL Trados Studio, and other CAT tools. We coded this app to be secure, elegant, easy and most importantly, profitable for you.



We built this tool to be flexible enough for the modern translator. Whether you work for one client or dozens, whether you have one project or thousands, we can handle it all. Drag-and-drop to see the magic begin.


Free to Try

Still not convinced? Give us a try for three days. We guarantee you’ll start saving time instantly. There is absolutely no obligation or long-term commitment. Speak with customer support anytime (if you want to), or just cancel with the click of a button.


One Place for All Projects

Meet your translation work’s new, gorgeous home. Custom quotes, reports, calculations, and fuzzy matching modifications. Secure and seamless. Maintain privacy while charging different rates for different clients.

update rate

Adjust Rates On The Fly

Meet the world’s most sophisticated fuzzy matching calculator. On a project-by-project basis, adjust overall discounts as well as fuzzy matches adjustments. Generate instant invoices for billable hours. Total discretion and privacy across multiple clients.


Drag-and-Drop Everything

Upload projects. Dump in some text. Analyze memoQ or SDL Trados Studio files. Move around files and organize them by client. We can handle it all. Enjoy a purpose-built tool carefully tuned to the needs of the modern translator.

export screen shot

Export and Share

Impress your next client. Delight your existing agency. Stunning graphs, charts, quotes, invoices, and more. Reconcile and verify translation earnings. All at the best rates. Plus, accurately forecast your labor for each project and client, so that you can select the best-paying contracts.

Three Free Days

We’re so confident you will love this tool, we’re giving it away for three days. Try it, and you just might fall in love. We guarantee you’ll start saving time instantly. There is absolutely no obligation or long-term commitment. Cancel with the click of a button, no email or phone call required.


Plans and Pricing.

Yes, our plans start as low as $0. Most translators are fine at $5.99 per month, our most popular plan. No matter which plan you choose, all of them begin with three free days of trial. That means no question asked, no long-term commitment, and no phone call required to cancel.



  • Single User
  • 3 Projects
  • Limited Export
  • Limited Support



Per month

  • Single User
  • Free 3-Day Trial Included
  • 1000 Projects Per Month
  • Unlimited Export
  • 24/7 Support


  • Multiple Users
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Export
  • Extended Support


What is offers a simple solution to calculate translation earnings based on fuzzy band discounts and price per source word.

What makes your platform different?

Our platform aims to provide a seamless integration with popular CAT tools. Therefore, translators can easily drop-and-upload multiple projects’ stats instantly, other than manually filling out each fuzzy band for every single project. Our ultimate goal is to save translators’ valuable time.

Can you tell me more about this platform?

Our platform stores fuzzy match stats of each project. Further, the platform dashboard presents total translation earnings and effective rate per source word based on a date range. Additionally, our users can adjust their base rate and fuzzy band discounts on the fly to check how those changes impact the overall earnings and effective rates.

Note: Effective Rate Per Source Word = Total Earnings / Total Source Words

What do I need to use your service?

Internet access and a modern browser such as Chrome and Firefox.

Is your service expensive?

No, not at all. All translators are invited to join us for a 3-day free trial. After your free trial, you'll automatically be subscribed at the standard monthly rate $5.99 unless you cancel.

There is a difference between your calculation and my client’s, what should I do?

If your client is using the same base rate and fuzzy band discounts, the final earnings shall be the same theoretically. Our platform allows users to export the detailed calculations. The exported file details the earnings and effective rates of each fuzzy band of every single project.

Why do I see “INVALID FORMAT” when I upload my stats files?

There are two possible reasons. One is that your files have been modified after exporting from CAT. You can re-export the stats files from CAT and upload them to our platform again. Our platform also has a manual upload option in case this error persists. The other reason is that your stats files are not currently supported. For either case, you are always welcome to contact us for further assistance.